Slight export losses for Italy

The Italian wine industry survives international markets with slight bruises.

Slight export losses for Italy
Slight export losses for Italy

Italy’s wine exports picked up again at the end of 2020, improving the export balance to a loss of only 2.2 percent compared to 2019. In October 2020, the losses were still at 3.4 percent. According to the statistics office Istat, the total value was €6.29 billion (2019: €6.43 billion). That is still 0.8 percent more than in 2018. 

However, the USA, Italy's strongest market, fell by 5.6 percent to €1.45 billion. In Germany, Italy benefited from the strong presence of its wines in food retail. Sales rose by 3.9 percent to €1.08 billion. In the UK, sales fell by 6.4 percent (€714 million). Switzerland remains stable at €382 million (+0.3 percent), and Canada comes in at €347 million with a delicate gain of 1.4 percent.

In Northern Europe, business is delivering well. Sweden generated a gain of 4.9 percent (€189 million). The Netherlands bought 17.5 percent more Italian wine (€194 million), and Norway even drank its way up by 29.4 percent to €123 million.

France continues to fall and imports 10.7 percent (€184 million) less wine from its neighbour, but also has to cope with much higher export losses than Italy. The loss of 3.6 percent in Russia (€126 million) can be assessed as a recovery, because it was still at 4.2 percent in November. In Austria, the decline of 2.3 percent (€104.4 million) is within limits.

In Asia, the results are poor. Only South Korea, which also excelled in its crisis management, is the exception with a sharp increase of 30 percent, albeit on a small basis (€43 million). In China, imports plummeted by 26.5 percent. The country, in which Italy has been investing millions and millions for years through EU sales promotion for third countries, still brought in €98 million. On the Japanese market, the Italians lost 15.6 percent (€154 million). vc

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