Portuguese retailer creates a substitute online fair

The cancellation of ProWein is leading to a proliferation of virtual tastings. One Portuguese retailer has created an entire virtual event. Jason Sych reports.

Mike Marrah on Unsplash
Mike Marrah on Unsplash

Adegga, an online wine retailer in Portugal, has organized a virtual, on-line wine trade fair aimed at helping the Portuguese wine producers that otherwise would have attended ProWein. 

“When we learned that ProWein was initially postponed, and then cancelled, we spoke about what we could do to replace the impact that having no Prowein 2020 was actually going to have on Portuguese producers,” Andre Ribeirinho, the founder of Adegga, told Meininger’s. “I think challenging times require us to think creatively and find different routes.”

Portugal Wine Week, scheduled for March 16th and 17th, will involve an estimated 150 Portuguese wineries and approximately 300 wine professionals. The event will be live-streamed from both Lisbon and Porto.

The event will be an opportunity for wine industry professionals to arrange virtual meetings with the producers and discuss their wines. In addition, Portugal Wine Week will offer a live stream where each producer will have a 20-minute slot to talk about their wines, new releases, and estates. Two additional livestreams will be about Portuguese wine education, sales tips, and information on the Portuguese wine industry.

Adegga was founded by Ribeirinho in 2006 to promote Portuguese wines in Portugal and around the world, being one of the early platforms dedicated to creating engagement between producers and consumers. Portugal Wine Week is the first event they have aimed at the industry.  

“We thought that Portugal Wine Week was a good opportunity to show what we could do for the Portuguese producers,” said Ribeirinho. “At the same time, take the opportunity to show that Portuguese wine can react fast to changes in the market.”

Jason Sych

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