One-off mirror bottle

Bottega wins copyright infringement case against Ca' di Rajo.

Bottega's mirror bottle design cannot not be copied, a court ruled
Bottega's mirror bottle design cannot not be copied, a court ruled

The mirror effect on the Prosecco bottle belongs to Bottega. An Italian court has now confirmed this in a judgement. Bottega sued its competitor Ca' di Rajo because the Prosecco producer had also brought bottles with gold and rosé mirror effects onto the market. Bottega considered this to be an infringement of copyright, as the bottles were too similar to its own. The Court of Appeal agreed with this view and consequently confirmed previous rulings in the case.

Ca' di Rajo denied the accusations - unsuccessfully. The reflective gold and pink colours of the Bottega bottles were "primary elements" characterising the brand, it said. Therefore, there is a likelihood of confusion between Bottega's bottles and Ca' di Rajo's Epsilon wine range. Even a different bottle shape or a different label does not sufficiently contribute to eliminating this likelihood of confusion.

Bottega first introduced its mirror-effect bottles in 2001. The company has registered trademark rights for several of its wines and has already been able to successfully enforce them in various lawsuits. aw

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