New old President II

Full confidence in Stefano Zanette, old and new President of the DOC Prosecco Consortium.

Stefano Zanette confirmed as President of the DOC Prosecco Consortium
Stefano Zanette confirmed as President of the DOC Prosecco Consortium

Stefano Zanette, who has been at the helm of the DOC Prosecco Consortium since 2012, was re-elected by acclamation. The members opted for continuity in the entire presidency: Giorgio Serena and Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti remain vice-presidents, Alessandro Botter, Valerio Cescon, Mattia Mattiuzzo and Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, the board members.

Managing supply , plans to improve quality, and certification as a "sustainable DOC" are the key points of the new mandate. Among other things, Zanette wants to promote information and training – within the production chain, in the trade, and with the end consumer. The aim is to strengthen the connection between product and origin. The DOC's environmental, economic and social sustainability programme is also to be widely expanded. 

"We are thinking of the sparkling wine facilities and all the technology, also the architecture of the wineries, the need to protect natural resources and the landscape, the area of logistics and packaging. We want to take advantage of all the possibilities of our system so that the value of DOC increases in the perception of the consumer and also its competitiveness in the markets," the consortium announced. vc

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