Leonardo DiCaprio’s Champagne

The star of Titanic and Don’t Look Up is investing in sustainable wine.

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Champagne and celebrity have always enjoyed a close association. Most recently Dom Perignon launched a promotional campaign with Lady Gaga and a limited edition rosé called the Queendom. Previously, Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac brand proved sufficiently attractive to Dom Perignon’s owners LVMH, for the luxury giant to buy a 50% stake in the business.

Now it’s the turn of de Telmont, a 110-year-old formerly family-owned house that flew under the radar until its purchase by Remy Cointreau in October 2020. Leonardo DiCaprio has acquired a stake in it, saying that the Champagne producer’s environmental credentials were key to his decision. De Telmont farmed biodynamically and only uses renewable electricity.

It will be interesting to see whether other celebrities apply similar criteria when working with, or investing in, wine businesses, but the growing importance consumers in every sector are attributing to sustainability, would seem to make it increasingly likely.

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