Harlan's next generation

The owner of the premium winery hands over to his son.

Founder Bill Harlan (left) and the next generation, his son Will and winemaker Cory Empting (right).
Founder Bill Harlan (left) and the next generation, his son Will and winemaker Cory Empting (right).

The Californian wine company Domain H. William Harlan, known for its top wines like Harlan Estates and Bond, will now be managed by Will Harlan, the son of the founder H. William ("Bill") Harlan. As the latter announces in a letter, he wants to continue to support the company as chairman.

"During the past 40 years, I have often said that, when I reach the age of 80, the time will have come to turn over the leadership of our family winegrowing domain to the next generation," Harlan said in the letter. At the same time, he announced that Cory Empting, long-time winemaker of the farm, will take over the position of managing director of winegrowing in the future. "I am confident that Will and Cory's leadership — in combination with the collective talent, conviction, and imagination of the second generation management team — will enable us to flourish well into the future as we pursue our abiding aim: to elevate the human spirit through the medium and mystery of wine."

Bill Harlan founded Harlan Estates in 1984 in Oakville, Napa Valley, and has made an international name for himself with high-quality red wine from classic Bordeaux varieties. Today, in addition to Harlan Estate, the company includes the Bond, Meadowood, The Mascot, Promontory and The Napa Valley Reserve wineries. Harlan cultivates 16 hectares plus Bond with 18 hectares and Promontory with 32 hectares. The total annual production is around 7,000 cases. The company exports to more than 50 countries. The key markets outside the USA are the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan. The wines achieve top prices. aw


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