Germany buys the most bulk wine

Germany leads in import volume of bulk wine, but lags Great Britain in value.

Germany buys the most bulk wine
Germany buys the most bulk wine

Germany remains the world's largest importer of bulk wine. Figures from the Bulk Wine Club, an organisation of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, show that imports in 2020 fell by over eight percent compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, Germany still imported 7.94 million hectolitres of wine in bulk. This corresponds to a decrease of 0.7 million hectolitres compared to the previous year and is at the same time the lowest quantity since 2009, when Germany had reached a quantity of 9.33 million hectolitres. According to the statistics, the value also fell by 3.6 percent to €488 million. More than ten percent of German bulk wine imports is re-exported.

A large part of German bulk wine was sourced from Spain, where there was a decline of 8.4 percent to 2.41 million hectolitres. From Italy came 2.5 million hectolitres, 0.5 million hectolitres less than in the previous year (-16.5 percent). Imports from France fell by 11.5 percent to 0.78 hectolitres.

South Africa regained some of the market share it lost in 2019, making it the fourth largest country of origin for bulk wine in Germany, with volumes up 4.2 percent or 0.55 million hectolitres. 
New Zealand recorded a huge increase: cask wine imports there rose by 20 percent. At €2.36 per litre, a record price was also achieved, many times higher than that of other importing countries. The second most expensive is the USA at €1.02 per litre. 

Although Germany is the cask wine import champion in terms of volume, the UK is ahead in value: the country imported cask wine worth €674 million last year. aw

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