Fine wine delivered straight to your ship

Wine Ambassador launches new membership service "Wine to Yachts".

Advertisement for the new "Wine to Yacht" program
Advertisement for the new "Wine to Yacht" program

You are out on your yacht when you find that your staff has failed to properly stock enough wine. Don’t you just hate that? You never have to find yourself in this situation again thanks to a new fine wine delivery service from Wine Ambassador. All joking aside, Wine to Yachts doesn’t exactly work like this, but the program does, however, allow yacht owners to generate revenue aboard their vessels while they themselves are not using their yachts by providing services to charter guests. 

The founders – a small group with extremely varied backgrounds – recognized that ultra-rich yacht owners often have an interest in fine wine and saw the opportunity to develop the Wine to Yachts program. Opportunities for yacht owners include offering wine tastings and other services to charter guests and earning commissions through sales and through guests also joining the club. 

Wine Ambassador offers other “Fine Wine Club” monthly memberships with wine delivery. The programs encourage direct marketing to family, friends and associates. Members also have the opportunity to become Wine Ambassadors themselves, meaning ways to generate personal income via word-of-mouth referrals. kw

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