Feudo Arancio’s assets confiscated

More than €70m worth of assets have been provisionally seized from Sicilian winery Feudo Arancio, after an anti-mafia action.

Feudo Arancio in Sicily
Feudo Arancio in Sicily

The Guardia di Finanza of Trento has seized vineyards and buildings worth more than €70m from the Sicilian winery Feudo Arancio, which belongs to Mezzacorona of Trentino. The basis for the seizure was alleged money laundering of assets belonging to mafia group Cosa Nostra. Four people from Mezzacorona, one of the largest wine groups in Italy, are reportedly being investigated.

The preventive seizure was sanctioned by the investigating magistrate of the Court of Trento at the request of an anti-mafia prosecutor, after investigations into the infiltration of organized crime into the Trentino economy.

Feudo Arancio’s assets include 900 ha of vineyards and numerous buildings in the provinces of Agrigento and Ragusa. The homes of the four suspects are also being searched.

According to Weinwirtschaft, the Mezzacorona group has strongly rejected the allegations.

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