Dr Emilio Pedron passes the baton to Ettore Nicoletto

Dr Emilio Pedron, one of the most significant figures in the Italian wine industry, is to step down from Bertanie Domaines. Ettore Nicoletto, CEO of Santa Margherita, will take his place.

Dr Pedton (left) and Ettore Nicoletto (right)
Dr Pedton (left) and Ettore Nicoletto (right)

As of March 1, 2020, Dr. Emilio Pedron will no longer lead the Bertani Domaines group. Retiring from active service, he will be followed by Ettore Nicoletto, CEO of the Santa Margherita group.

“With Ettore Nicoletto, the Angelini family has chosen an ambitious, intelligent top manager,” Dr Pedron told Weinwirtschaft magazine. 

Born in Trentino in 1945, Pedron came from am winegrowing family. He studied at the San Michele-Adige Wine Institute and took his knowledge of wine into his business career. He become one of the few top managers in Italy who did not their build their career as a business economist, instead choosing a path built on wine. His first job was in 1965 with Ruffino, as an oenologist. From there he went to Nino Negri in the Valtellina, and then Lamberti in Veneto for ten years, where he was responsible for winemaking.

In 1981 he became technical director of Gruppo Italiano Vini, and was responsible for the entire vinification of the group’s wines. Within five years he joined the management, first as general director, then as managing director in 1996. At the same time he became president of the agricultural operations of GIV. In these positions, Dr Pedron built the GIV into one of the most important wine companies in Italy. During the 2000s, he was also the president of the Valpolicella consortium. 

After leaving GIV, Dr Pedron became the managing director and president of the Amarone producer Cav. G. B. Bertani, which was subsequently bought by the Angelini pharmaceutical group, and integrated into its Tenimenti Angelini wine group. Dr Pedron reorganized the group, which became Bertani Domaines group.

For his life’s work, and his contributions to the wine industry both in and outside of Italy, he was awarded the 2009 Meininger Award from Meininger Verlag.  

Ettore Nicoletto will be the man tasked with filling Dr Pedron’s shoes at Bertani Domaines group. He became CEO of Santa Margherita in 2008, tasked with opening new markets and acquiring new businesses. During his tenure, the Group has grown both geographically and in terms of distribution and has acquired new companies in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Lugana and Sardinia, placing it among the top performers in the Italian wine sector.

The majority of this article comes from reporting by Veronika Crecelius in Weinwirtschaft magazine, published by Meininger Verlag.

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