DBR Lafite releases its “second wine” from China

The Domaine de Long Dai estate in Shandong has hit another milestone, with the release of its ‘second’ wine.

Hue Yue in the cellar/DBR Lafite
Hue Yue in the cellar/DBR Lafite

Domaine Barons de Rothschile (DBR Lafite) has released a ‘second’ wine from Domaine de Long Dai in Qiu Shan Valley in China. The wine, Hu Yue, comes after the release of Long Dai, the grand vin released in 2019.

“At the origin of the name Hu Yue was the idea to reveal a sacred alliance between Chinese culture, respect for the elements and nature’s uncontrollable cycle, said Saskia de Rothschild, chairwoman of DBR Lafite. “What better character than ‘Hu’ that refers to a jade tablet, that was an important tool used in ancient times by farmers to pray for a good harvest?”

The second character, ‘Yue’, represents “all of the five sacred mountains of China and links back to the sacred Mount Dai referenced in the name of the estate,” according to a statement.

To create the wine, the Shandong team chose an assortment of plots from DBR Lafite’s more than 400 terraces. Technical director Olivier Trégoat said the goal was to “reveal a deeply aromatic character, full of black fruits with a spicy signature that would differentiate this wine from our Grand Vin”.

DBR Lafite released its first vintage of Long Dai, made at Domaine de Long Dai in Shandong Province. At the time, Saskia de Rothschild told the New York Times the intent was “to make a high-end Chinese wine for the Chinese to be proud of”.

The 2017 Long Dai was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet France and Marselan, this last a grape that’s popular among Chinese wine estates.

Hu Yue also blends Bordeaux varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet France and Merlot – with more southern grape varieties, including Marselan and Syrah.

The Domaine de Long Dai was a project ten years in the making. DBR Lafite chose to buck the trend for establishing wineries in Ningxia in the northwest, choosing the coastal province of Shandong instead. 

Hu Yue will be sold at Domaine de Long Dai from August, and will soon be available on the estate’s We Chat store.

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