Coronavirus-themed wine from Vienna censored

"Oral vaccine" of the Lenikus winery confiscated by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture.

Authorities confiscated the wine called "Schluck Impfung" / Credit: ©LENIKUS
Authorities confiscated the wine called "Schluck Impfung" / Credit: ©LENIKUS

After the organic winery Lenikus from Vienna launched a humorous offensive against the Corona regulations at the end of March, an inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture confiscated all wines with the label Schluck Impfung, or oral vaccine, on 8 April. According to media reports, this was based on "health claims" in connection with the wine designation. "It is not even remotely possible to interpret it in that direction", said Martin Lenikus, defending himself against the authorities' measure. Lenikus goes on to say that he will "fight it with all means."

In addition to the Schluck Impfung, the Wiener Jaukerl - a colloquial term for syringe in Vienna - is also part of the winegrower's anti-corona depression package, which he launched in cooperation with the Wiener Bezirkszeitung. Currently, the wine, whose confiscation is considered scandalous in Austria's media landscape, is sold via the winery's online shop. There, the name was adapted to the legal dispute and the index wine is now sold as "Schluck Impfung ZENSURIERT."

The "Schluck Impfung ZENSURIERT" is available in a double pack with the "Wiener Jaukerl" for €19.50 in the winery's own online shop. This is a white wine cuvée of Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. sw

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