Australia's Chinese headache

 Australian wine exports fall massively in 2021.

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Australia (photo: Zerophoto/AdobeStock)
Australia (photo: Zerophoto/AdobeStock)

Australian wine exports have fallen by 30% in value to AU$2.03bn ($1.47bn) compared tro 2020, and in volume, by 17%. In 2021 6.19m hl wine were exported - the lowest figure since 2004.

The main reason for the decline is the Chinese tariffs on Australian wines that were introduced at the end of 2020. Exports to mainland China fell 97% to AU $29m ($20.95m) in value and 93% in volume ,to 64,000 hl.

However, together with the special economic zones of Macao and Hong Kong, China still remains the third largest export market by value and the seventh largest volume, according to Wine Australia. 

In the established markets, Australia also lost ground. The UK, historically its most important trading partner, bought 9% less wine than in 2020, with about 2.43m hl. Thanks to an increase in the average price, however, value only fell by value is only 1% (AU$453 mill - $327.41m). The USA remains No. 2 with $403m ($209.91m), - down 7%) - and 1.25m hl.

Other markets have shown some growth. In Asian markets. Singapore has risen to become the sixth largest destination, up by 108% and AU$166m ($119.98m). South Korea (+74%, AU$47m) - $33.97m is also now in the top 10. None of these countries, however, are among the top 10 volume export destinations.

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