New wine app from Sweden

Wine and food pairings at the touch of a button.

The new wine app Wineally from Sweden
The new wine app Wineally from Sweden

A new wine app from Sweden aims to provide more fine wine service for consumers. As a "collaborative network of wine producers, restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets", Wineally is intended to give wine drinkers the opportunity to call up not only prices and places of purchase for wines, but also matching food recommendations. At the same time, new marketing opportunities are to be created for producers, distributors and restaurants.

The platform was founded by the Swedish company Fine Wine Club International. CEO Ole Nielsen says "digital solutions are necessary to build sustainable businesses. Wineally is built as a digital ecosystem, offering benefits to all parties in the wine trade. The Wineally ecosystem enables wine producers to help distributors; wine merchants to help on-trade, as well as retail, customers; and for restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to offer better wine & dine experiences. Each member of the Wineally ecosystem helps each other."

Producers will be able to create their own "DNA" for each wine on the platform. This, in turn, will be matched with the "DNA" of different dishes that restaurants, wine shops or supermarkets post in the app. In this way, the best possible parings are to be presented to the user. The user can also query additional criteria such as grape variety or price, or even add a special occasion.

Since the presentation of the app, 5,000 wine producers have already registered on the platform, it is said. In the next step, traders are to be added to the system. aw

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