Selling wine through Shopify

The pandemic has convinced both wine merchants and wineries to head online. James Lawrence explores an increasingly popular e-commerce tool.

Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash
Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash

Tim McLaughlin-Green has spent more than 20 years supplying wine to UK restaurants through his business ‘Sommelier’s Choice’. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting shutdown virtually wiped out his income overnight.  

However, McLaughlin-Green, like so many struggling wineries and distributors, has changed his business model to embrace direct-to-consumer sales. After the lockdown began in March, he needed to get a store online as soon as possible. The solution was Shopify, a web application which lets entrepreneurs to create e-commerce portals with a minimum of fuss.

“My understanding of e-commerce is minimal, so I took advice from a friend who runs a website-development firm. He suggested that I use Shopify to start my DTC business, as it’s very user-friendly and quick to set up,” says McLaughlin-Green. “I haven’t regretted it.”

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