Dry Farm Wines

Todd White has taken natural wine from a niche to a juggernaut, by using the language of health while disparaging conventional wine. He talks to Felicity Carter.

Dry Farm Wines/Rush Kemp
Dry Farm Wines/Rush Kemp

Todd White’s forceful personality comes through the Zoom screen. In some other time and place, someone so leaned, tanned, and energetic might have been an explorer, driven to carve out new territory, or a preacher lighting up a hall. But, instead, his focus is on how to live a better life – even if California’s lockdown has derailed that.

“I haven’t been to the gym in two months and I’ve not been quite as disciplined with my eating habits, and I’ve been drinking a lot of wine,” he says. “I’m starting a five-day water fast.”

White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, an online store selling natural wines. And not just any natural wines. Dry Farm’s landing page promises that as well as being natural and free of additives, the wines are “lab tested for purity; sugar free; lower alcohol”. In place of ratings from critics, the site has a gallery of “Performance Leaders Who Love Our Wine”, including health and fitness gurus.

This is no ordinary wine site. It’s an expression of White’s mission to turn wine on its head.

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