Latest Trends Around Intoxication

Alcohol is the most widely consumed and, in many places, the most accepted drug worldwide. But the results of the Global Drug Survey show that regular everyday consumption and alcohol abuse are not always synonymous. Below are some observations from the survey.

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US Joins EU in Move to Nutritional Labelling for Wine

As European legislators have moved to require ingredient and nutritional information on wine labels (or via a QR code), US consumer groups have fought to achieve the same objective. After nearly 20 years, it looks as though they have one their fight.

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Will Climate Change Make Wine Healthier - or Less Healthy?

Becca Yeamans-Irwin takes a scientific look at the credibility of health claims that are made about wine, and the possible impact of a changing climate.

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US Citizens See Alcohol as Dangerous

A new Gallup poll suggests that 71-75% of US adults see alcohol as having a negative effect on society.

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