Sangiovese throws a strange quercetin deposit

As Italian regions produce more 100% Sangiovese wines, winemakers find themselves grappling with a new problem. Michaela Morris reports.

Italian landscape
Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

“it’s really ugly,” says Antonino Tranchida, head oenologist at Montalcino’s Col d’Orcia. He is referring to the blue-grey flakes that look like blades of wheat floating in a wine. The residue left by quercetin allows no euphemisms, in contrast to diamond-like tartaric crystals. It’s a relatively new phenomenon – and one that consumers notice. “There are worms in my wine,” was the complaint Montepulciano-based producer Salcheto received from US clients about its 2015 Obvius. 



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