How to captivate a wine audience

How, exactly, do you tell a good wine story? Felicity Carter speaks to a masterful storyteller.

Anthony Giglio is a sought-after speaker.
Anthony Giglio is a sought-after speaker.

Anthony Giglio puts his storytelling ability down to his Italian heritage. “Italians? We invented drama!” he says. “Nobody does drama better than us.”

Wherever he gets it from, the New Yorker is a sought-after speaker. Giglio has a rare gift – and yet one that’s becoming more important. Today, winemakers don’t just make wine. They must also attend winemaker dinners, where they are expected to deliver a memorable speech about the wine. It’s not easy.

What makes Giglio able to do it, he said, is that he grew up not seeing wine as something special. “I grew up in a pretty Italian-American family in Jersey City, New Jersey, that drank a lot of wine. It was always on the table when I was growing up, right in front of me,” he said. “But I didn’t even see it as something special – I just knew it belonged there.”

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