The end of the wine spreadsheet

Winemakers are hit with constant requests for product information. Felicity Carter reports on a better way to answer the demands.

The Bottlebooks team. Jonathan Harclerod is the last on the right.
The Bottlebooks team. Jonathan Harclerod is the last on the right.

Jonathan Harclerode was a senior manager in the emerging technology innovation division at Accenture when he had an idea for an online dive guide. “I got to the point in my career where I had to decide whether to stick it out for ten years to become a partner, or try my own business,” he says.

His friends thought it sounded like a great idea: all were avid divers and none could find a good diving guide. “We were going to build a website where you could find the best dive guides in the world,” says Harclerode.

By the time he finally quit his job with Accenture in 2013, the group was instead building mobile landing pages and QR codes. Business was doing fine, and when it became clear they needed a formal company, they went to a lawyer and got papers drawn up. To celebrate, they decided to get a bottle of Champagne.

And that’s how Bottlebooks was born. Today, almost six years later, Bottlebooks is quietly transforming the wine industry, helping it to become more professional and communicate better.


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