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Julian Chivite und Berater Denis Dubordieu bilden ein starkes Team / Credits: Chivite
Julian Chivite und Berater Denis Dubordieu bilden ein starkes Team / Credits: Chivite

Chivite is more than just a wine family – Chivite is a wine dynasty. It is very fitting, then, that Chivite Coleccion 125 was served at the wedding of King Felipe VI of Spain to Queen Letizia.


This wine has a special story to tell. When it was created in 1985, Chivite was not, as the name suggests, celebrating 125 years in existence, as the Chivite family have been winegrowers since 1647, spanning 11 generations. The wine is dedicated to a different family anniversary – the first export of wine in 1860. At that time, Chivite exported wine to France because there was a wine shortage there as a result of the oidium crisis. Chivite’s pioneering role in the Spanish export trade is demonstrated by the fact that it has an ID number of 120 in Spain’s general export register.

During its history, the family always managed to identify and seize opportunities. Thus, in 1872, Claudio Chivite, great-grandfather of the current Chairman Julian Chivite, acquired a cave in a quarry, where he established his wine cellar, rather than building a new one from scratch. It was his son Felix who, in 1877, created the company’s first wine brand, Felix Chivite.

Despite their own long tradition and extensive experience of winegrowing, the family also calls on external expertise. The world-renowned wine expert Denis Dubordieu has been advising the family exclusively in Spain for over 20 years. The aim of the collaboration is to give the wines more finesse and longevity.

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Each of the 11 generations of the family has given the company a new impetus. The current CEO Julian Chivite and his father Julian Chivite Sr. set the company onto a new growth trajectory. Julian Chivite Sr. was an innovator who set the focus on quality and introduced new marketing ideas. He and his son expanded the family portfolio to include wines from within and from outside their home region of Navarre. Viña Salceda in Rioja Alavesa was added, as was Señorio de Arinzano, which was designed by leading architect Rafael Moneo. The vineyards of this winery in the north of Navarre are of such quality, they were only the fifth Spanish vineyard to be granted the Vino de Pago status of an estate wine. In Ribera del Duero, Chivite also acquired 45 hectares of vineyards in La Horra. Gran Feudo Verdejo from D.O. Rueda and Gran Feudo Rioja have been added to the Group range, as well.

It was Julian Chivite Sr. who, with his talent and his unique charisma, successfully took on the role of a Spanish wine merchant and thereby gained the best contacts in the wine industry. The brand Gran Feudo, created by him in 1975, is also the most well-known rosé wine from Navarre worldwide thanks to Chivite’s export history. He was an upright, widely-skilled man with special charisma. He was an outstanding person.

Multi-award-winning Chivite wines are served at important occasions, such as the meeting of the heads of state of the NATO countries and the royal wedding. The fame and popularity of these wines is undiminished, even after 11 generations. The name of Chivite will be around in the wine world for a long time to come.

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