Georg Naegele Estate - a touch of history

Georg Naegele Estate - a touch of history

Ancient wine cellars and family traditions over generations inspire respect. At the Georg Naegele Estate, this is particularly the case, because it has been in the family for seven generations and is located in a historic building in the centre of an historic location.

The Hambach Castle has been considered the cradle of German democracy, as on 27th May 1832, Palatine citizens and fraternity brothers marched up to the castle with black-red-gold banners. One of the banner carriers, Christian Adler, was one of the ancestors of the winegrower family. The family still owns the black-red-gold sash he had worn for the occasion. Back then, the estate had been long established in the prince-bishop’s cellar (built around 1593). It had been founded by the former serf Georg Adler, who had come to the Palatine area in 1796, during pre-democracy times in 1806. Today, descendant Eva Bonnet and her husband Ralf, who also comes from a winegrower family, are still running the business.

The winery focuses on classical grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Gris et Noir. The red wines of the estate are a class of its own, with the Cuvée Chronos as a flagship. It reminds of fine Bordeaux and can be stored as long.

The „Kirchberg“, the „church hill“ is a parcel of land the family works with great passion on. It joints the baroque church St. Jakobus and is a special terroir directed to the east with over 40-year-old vines and unencumbered soil. Heat is stored easily here, and there are growing complex premium Rieslings.

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The approximately 15-hectare vineyards are cultivated in a controlled and environmentally friendly manner. Clear fruity aroma and individual expression characterize the wines made by the Bonnet family. The estate received the state honorary award several times, and in 2010, received the sought-after national honorary award, the highest award given out by the State of Rhineland-Palatine. Ralf and Eva Bonnet are passionate and prudent winegrowers: “Working in and with nature continues to challenge us. The natural interaction of climate, grapes, and soil makes us passionate for our profession. Keeping our vineyard soils healthy and maintaining them is the prerequisite for producing expressive wines full of character, but it is also a responsibility toward nature and the environment, which has been the foundation of our family’s existence for generations. ”And the history continues: With son David, born in 2001, and daughter Nina, born in 2006, the eighth generation is waiting in the starting blocks.



Weingut Georg Naegele – Schlossbergkellerei

Schloßstraße 27-29
67434 Hambach

Tel. +49 6321 2880
Fax +49 6321 30708

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