Penfolds goes French, following in some Illustrious Footsteps

Will Penfolds decision to launch super-premium French, Californian and French-Australian and California-Australia blends under its own label inspire others to follow its example? Robert Joseph reports. 

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Champagne Tops Up

To meet increased market demand, Champagne is stocking up on the maximum yield per hectare for the 2022 harvest.

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Performance Test of Winegrowers' Cooperatives: Germany, France and Italy in Competition

The best winegrowers' cooperatives 2022 from Germany, France and Italy were honoured for their outstanding achievements by Meininger's sister publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT at the Deidesheimer Hof. Clemens Gerke reports.

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ProWein Special: France

Clear to Cloudy

Wine production and export data.

France is located in Halls 9, 10 and 11 at ProWein.

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What’s in a Name – The Strange Case of Château Pauillac

In 1971, Domaines Peyronie, bought a trademark called Chateau Pauillac which they began to use on the bottles of wine they produced on a small plot of land. Half a century later, that decision has proved controversial.

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All Change in Bordeaux

A new wave of Bordeaux, made from single varietals like Malbec, Petit Verdot and Muscadelle and packaged in Burgundy bottles with decidedly non-Bordeaux labels. Robert Joseph reports

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St Emilion producer teams up with fictional gangster in Bordeaux pop up shop

Chateau Angelus has featured in two Bond movies. The owner of some rather humbler St Emilion estates has created a rather different link with a popular British TV series

Bordeaux negociant faces prison. But not yet

Historically, it has not been easy for anyone breaking wine regulations in Bordeaux to end up in behind bars. Traditionally, the courts have favoured fines over imprisonment. However, if one rattles their cage often enough, it seems as though the judges can see the logic of imposing stricter sentences. But it takes time.

Bordeaux Blanc, making a comeback

Bordeaux once produced more white wine than red. Today, nine bottles in every 10 are red, but as Roger Morris reports, Bordeaux Blanc is riding a wave of interest.