Has China Slammed Door on Australian and New Zealand Imports?

Unconfirmed reports suggesting that Beijing has blocked the importation of all Australian and New Zealand goods are denied in both countries, while China remains silent.

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Penfolds Made-in-China Wine

Two years after the imposition of tariffs by the Chinese government that threatened to destroy its huge Chinese business, Penfolds is launching a wine from the Ningxia region under its own brand. Robert Joseph reports.

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Looking for China's Sweet Spot

Chinese wine drinkers have, until now, been influenced by traditional European preferences for dry red and white wine. But, as in the US, sales of sweeter versions of both colours are growing, as Lin Liu MW reports.

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Australia's Free Trade Agreement with India - a Small Step Towards Replacing China

As British PM, Boris Johnson signs new trade deals with India in Delhi, Australia’s wine industry celebrates its country’s new FTA with the subcontinent. But how far will it go towards filling the hole left by China?

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Bordeaux ups its game in China

As Australia continues to suffer from punitive sanctions applied by Beijing, France’s biggest region moves to regain its dominance of the wine market. Natalie Wang of Vino Joy News reports.

Australian wine brand changes nationality

Shipments of Rawson’s Retreat to China will now be South African, as Robert Joseph reports.

Will Chile replace Australia in China?

Exports to China are growing strongly.

WSET stops operations in China

Course providers are recommended to pause their activities.

China slaps tariffs of up to 212% on Australian wine

Australian wine has been caught in a diplomatic war of words between Canberra and Beijing. These new tariffs, which go into effect on Saturday, will have a devastating impact.