Argentina Is a World Champion in Soccer. In Wine, Not So Much

The red wine market continues to be oversaturated, which in many places is leading to conversion measures in production to more white wine. Australia is also pushing down the overall market with low price levels for both reds and whites.

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Bordeaux Grower Takes Merchants to Court Over Excess Profit. Where Might This Lead?

Following our coverage of the plight of Bordeaux producers looking to uproot vines, we have news of a Médoc chateau owner using recent and untried French legislation to sue two negociants for over €1m in what he claims are excessive profits on the wine he sold them. If he wins, what might this mean for others in the sector?

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Ciatti Report: Impacts from Australia

The global bulk wine market continues to proceed incrementally amid economic fears, though there have been some good early activity levels on specific 2022 whites in specific locations where 2021 carryover was short. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth from Ciatti.

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Exchange Rate Price Shifts Raise Cost of US Bulk Wine to EU Buyers

Exchange rates determine the price. Red wine prices fall. Ciatti's current data.

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Ciatti Report: Bulk Prices Softening?

The wine grape harvests in the Northern Hemisphere are winding down. Prices are relatively stable for the moment. The bulk market shows stable-to-softening pricing on many wines. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth.

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Australia - Leaving Grapes on the Vine

In Australia, some wine producers are planning to leave red wine grapes on the vines in 2023.

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Bulk Wine: In the Doldrums

The sluggishness of the bulk wine market over the last three months or so in many producer countries is explained by inflation in key export markets, and possibly a lag in the shipping of wines that have already been purchased. Only some significantly smaller-than-average Northern Hemisphere crops are likely to stimulate buying activity. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth.

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Third Small Harvest in California

According to the US Department of Agriculture's crop forecast, California is facing its third small crop in three years.

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Bulk Wine Prices: Weak Peso

It is a quiet bulk wine market worldwide, with the exception of Chile.