Ciatti Report: Demand for Bulk Wine Is Dragging

The year 2022 was characterised by high inflation levels and rising interest rates and logistic problems. As every January, this month’s Ciatti Global Market Report looks back at the year just passed and ahead to the new one.

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Ciatti Report: Caution Advised

High inflation levels and rising interest rates in many markets around the world have engendered pessimism as to the retail sales outlook. Food inflation has generally been lagging overall inflation’s levelling-off trajectory, encouraging consumers to cut back on supermarket spending. In this context, global bulk wine activity has proceeded cautiously through the final quarter of 2022 while sales are carefully analysed; no one wants to find themselves overstocked, or having paid too high a price. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth from Ciatti.

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SIMEI and WBWE Wrap Up a Very Different Year of Wine Fairs

After two years of pandemic, 2022 will be remembered as the year when, like other sectors, the wine industry had to come to terms with a very different world.

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Exchange Rate Price Shifts Raise Cost of US Bulk Wine to EU Buyers

Exchange rates determine the price. Red wine prices fall. Ciatti's current data.

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Ciatti Report: Bulk Prices Softening?

The wine grape harvests in the Northern Hemisphere are winding down. Prices are relatively stable for the moment. The bulk market shows stable-to-softening pricing on many wines. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth.

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Australia - Leaving Grapes on the Vine

In Australia, some wine producers are planning to leave red wine grapes on the vines in 2023.

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WBWE Bulk Wine Fair Expected to Attract Record Numbers of Visitors

The Annual Bulk Wine Fair in Amsterdam has grown to become one of the main events on the wine calendar - despite, or perhaps thanks to, its down-to-earth ambience.

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Bulk Wine: In the Doldrums

The sluggishness of the bulk wine market over the last three months or so in many producer countries is explained by inflation in key export markets, and possibly a lag in the shipping of wines that have already been purchased. Only some significantly smaller-than-average Northern Hemisphere crops are likely to stimulate buying activity. Report by wine broker Christian Jungbluth.

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Ciatti Report: Decline in Retail on the Horizon?

Well into August, the past 4-6 weeks on the bulk market in many producer countries were as slow, even for what is a traditionally slow time of the year when Europe and North America are on summer holiday. Some already-acquired wines are popping back up again on the market as unexpected inventory; these are sometimes picked up quickly by an alternative buyer, sometimes not. An outlook by winebroker Angelo Cotrone.

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