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Concha y Toro's Premium Wine Strategy

Isabel Guilisasti, vice president of the Fine Wine division of Viña Concha y Toro, Family of Wineries explains how Chile's biggest wine company is premiumizing its wines.

Reading time: 4m 30s

Discover Greece: Surprises at Oenorama

At Oenorama, the largest trade fair for Greek wine, visitors can discover and be surprised by a wine country that is currently repositioning itself. Simon Werner reports.

Reading time: 1m 50s

Chile: State of Play

Angelica Valenzuela has been the commercial director of Wines of Chile since 2016 and has been involved in the dramatic growth in global sales of Chilean wines. In  this exclusive interview, she frankly discusses with Robert Joseph the successes that have been achieved and the challenges to be overcome.

Reading time: 10m

‘California List’ of Top Wines Stirs Interest – and Controversy

Publication of the UK list draws debate about who’s on and who’s not and raises questions of whether it was a bad idea – or very clever marketing. Roger Morris gauges the reaction.

Reading time: 7m

Georgia sells a million bottles of wine to the US

Georgian wine is one of the success stories of the US market - for various reasons that go beyond their quality and style

Reading time: 1 minute

The Polish wine market

It is said that a wine consumer usually develops in one direction - upwards. In fact, this means that hardly anyone returns to lower quality wines. Does this unwritten rule also apply to the Polish consumer? Patrycja Siwiec considers the way wine is consumed in Poland.

Reading time: 4m 35s

    Greece: Assyrtiko, the rising star

    Some grape varieties that are representative of an entire wine country. Shiraz and Australia, Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand, of course, Riesling and Germany. As a contender for the title of Greece's best-known grape variety, one variety in particular has become the talk of the town in recent years: Assyrtiko. Alexandra Wrann reports.

    Reading time: 5m 55s



    Premium Rosé – a style whose time has come across the planet

    Pink wine was traditionally the unsophisticated sector that the wine industry rarely treated with respect or interest. Today, it is increasingly premium, popular and profitable, as James Lawrence reports.

    Pesticides in Bordeaux and the credibility of sustainable badges 

    Arguments rage in Bordeaux where Valérie Murat, self-proclaimed ‘stone in the shoe’ of the region’s wine establishment, is having to crowdfund nearly €125,000 in order to continue her fight against the vineyard use of industrial products. Robert Joseph has the details.

    Bagged grapes. Spain’s sparkling wine producers seek new ways to fight climate change

    Some of the leading wineries in Catalonia are experimenting into how to make better wine in more environmentally friendly – and sometimes surprising – ways. Barnaby Eales reports.

    Bordeaux Blanc, making a comeback

    Bordeaux once produced more white wine than red. Today, nine bottles in every 10 are red, but as Roger Morris reports, Bordeaux Blanc is riding a wave of interest.

    Russian stock exchange sends a message to the wine world

    Shares of Russian alcohol companies rose on news of the introduction of a lockdown from 28 October. What other factors could be behind the volatility in the Russian market? Meininger investigates.

    Keeping the customer satisfied 

    Cramele Recas, Romania’s largest exporter is also its biggest family winery. It owes its success to the skills of its British-born boss in listening to his customers, and in his ability to react to events like Brexit, as Simon J Woolf discovered.

    Things are looking up for Sicily

    Despite its long history of wine production, until the late 20th century, Sicily lagged behind other Italian wine regions. Since then quality has improved enormously and considerable investment gone into vineyards and wineries. We round up some of the latest developments.  

    Rising Stars of Rioja

    Last week, Spanish wine expert David Schwarzwälder described the revolution that is happening in the vineyards and bodegas of Rioja. Here, in Part 2, he picks out some of the most exciting new wave producers and wines,