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Style and Regions

Moldova delivers on its business promise and crafts award-winning wines

A new generation of Moldovan wines impress consumers in 63 global markets

The screw cap revolution

The use of aluminium closures has exploded, as winemakers and the public embrace them. There’s a reason they’re so popular.

Bulk wine arrives in Amsterdam

The bulk wine sector has evolved dramatically over the past decade, becoming one of the most dynamic sectors of the wine world.

The making of an icon

When Christian Wylie accepted the role of managing director of Bodega Garzon he knew he was becoming part of something special. “The scale and the vision behind this project are, as far as I know, second to none,” he says.

Flagship on the move

Spain’s most renowned wine designation of origin displays vitality – not only thanks to new laws but also to the broad range of styles it has to offer. We have put more than 350 wines to the test.

Georgia’s wine ambassador

When the Kharebava brothers bought their first winery in 1995, they never dreamed it would become one of Georgia’s most successful wine enterprises.

Make your own wine

Do you dream of one day becoming a winegrower? Without buying a winery or doing a three year wine degree? There is a way to do it. Rolf Klein reveals all.

Piedmont’s great white

One corner of Piedmont has everything – fashion, culture, sport and renowned foods. Most of all it’s the land of Gavi DOCG, home of one of Italy’s most treasured white wines.