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Feudo Antico

Archeo-Oenology in the Heart of Abruzzo

Premium Red Wines from Austria

Austria has long excelled with its succulent, lusciously sweet botrytized wines and chiselled, crisp, dry white wines. Now, international fine wine critics and sommeliers at fine dining restaurants around the world are giving Austrian red wines increasing attention. 

13th World Bulk Wine Exhibition

Restart your business: join the bulk wine revolution.

Finca Las Moras

Breaking Rules and Setting New Trends.

Austria’s Green Wave continues to gain momentum

Austrian wine growers take a leading role in environmentally conscious production of high-quality wines. Authentic expression of terroir and sustainability are the goals.

Delicato Family Wines

3 x Trophy Winner:  Best Producer United States of America.

Austrian Rosé

Austria is world renowned for its spicy, cool-climate wines from unique indigenous grape varieties. Insiders know that these wines do not just come in white or red: they also appreciate the country’s exquisite rosé wines.

Casa Sartori: Dream Blender

The heart of the Sartori family’s innovation has always been its ability to blend dreams and modern tastes with the authentic essence of Veronese wine culture.

Vintage 2020 in Austria

Challenges in the Vineyard, Pleasure in the Glass

Hungarian varieties in the spotlight

Hungary is a small player in the vast world of wine, but one that not only punches above its weight, but which offers some of the most unique wines in the world. Come on a short journey through this fascinating wine land.

Wine2Wine is not just online, but interactive

The ever-innovative Wine2Wine conference has moved online for 2020. But this isn’t your average Zoom webinar – it will use a highly interactive, social based system called Swapcard.

Bordeaux enters a new era

Bordeaux’s winegrowers are rising to the twin challenges of climate change and the changing consumer palate.

Ruffino celebrates real life

Ruffino has thrown open the doors of its Poggio Casicano estate, so people can walk its vineyards and enjoy authentic Tuscan food.

Wines of the borderless south

A tasting of wines from France's southern regions uncovered more than 100 gems. Now, you can discover them too.

Aromas from the Rhône Valley

In the scramble to supply consumers with the rosés they want, too many winemakers have forgotten one thing – the aroma. One wine is changing that.