Power lists

Student wines to go on sale

UC Davis may be one of the world’s top winemaking schools, but it’s always poured its wine down the drain. Liza B. Zimmerman says that’s about to change.

Who’s Who in France

Noted expert on French wines Robert Joseph introduces the people who drive one of the world’s most significant wine countries.

Notable UK distributors

The UK market remains a beacon, attracting wines from across the globe. Adam Lechmere discusses some of the country’s most important distributors.

California with restraint

Adam Lechmere visits Heitz Cellars in the Napa Valley, whose commitment to elegance, regardless of the dictates of fashion, is being recognised once again.

Inside Louis Latour

Founded in the eighteenth century, this famous firm has survived and thrived for many generations. Adam Lechmere pays a visit.

Who’s Who in Georgia

The Caucasian country of Georgia has been making something of a splash on the international wine scene of late. Miquel Hudin discusses how its wine trade works.

Porto’s transformation

The opening of The Yeatman Hotel in Porto earned founder Adrian Bridge a Gold Medal from the city. Now, reports Treve Ring, there are even more plans afoot.

The business of subsidies

The European Union has funding available for the promotion of agricultural products. Michèle Shah looks at how the funds are used in Italy.

A private label in Italy

One Italian hypermarket has created a private label that’s a good deal for both consumers and producers, finds Michaela Morris.

The younger generation

There has been tremendous focus on the behaviour of US millennials. But what about elsewhere? Dr Gergely Szolnoki and Prof Dr Simone Loose, researchers at Geisenheim University, investigate the situation in Germany.

The sommeliers of Beijing

It’s tough being a Beijing sommelier. The hours are long, the pay is poor, and the customers argue. But, says Jim Boyce, there are rising stars nevertheless.

An expert looks at Germany

Sascha Speicher speaks to Sylvain Rouchy from Sopexa, who has considerable experience in Germany.

Wine’s first-tier city

Shanghai has the distinction of being the most populous city in China, and it’s home to the country’s top bars, wine stores and sommeliers, reports Jim Boyce.

Robert Mondavi Winery at 50

Winemaker Robert Mondavi was a pioneer of Napa Valley, bringing others along in his wake. Roger Morris looks at his legacy.