Power lists

Hong Kong Power brokers

Hong Kong is not only the gateway to southeast Asia, but a significant import market in its own right. Shenée Tuck identifies the major distributors.

Who’s Who in Austria

Austria may be geographically small, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to wine. Julia Sevenich looks inside its industry.

Carbon capture man

Miguel Torres has set out to combat global warming. In October, he shared the results to date. Felicity Carter reports.

Wine on tap

What happens when a wine educator opens a bar? He introduces an entire city to new wines, as Jeff Siegel discovers.

In search of new tastes

Cash-strapped US millennials are experimental and looking for new tastes. But, says Jeff Siegel, quality counts.

Vets in the vines

What happens when members of the French Foreign Legion retire from duty? Some head for the vines. Sophie Kevany reports.

No magic, just awesome wine

A new digital company, Wine Awesomeness, hopes to attract customers with interesting wine choices. Liza B. Zimmerman reports.

Poland takes to the New World

New World wines have become the fastest-growing segment on the dynamic Polish market. Wojciech Bońkowski analyses a surprising trend.

Putting the pieces into place

The world of wine relies too heavily on a handful of grapes, a situation that Wine Mosaic wants to change. Felicity Carter speaks to the founders.

A divided wine country

The valuable import market of Belgium is actually two separate markets. James Lawrence asks what it takes to be successful in either of them.

Powerhouse Australian distributors

Australia may be a small market for imports, but it’s lucrative and growing rapidly. Jeni Port identifies the major distributors.

50 years of Amarone

Cantine Bertani is credited with developing a wine style that has helped an entire region prosper. Felicity Carter reports.

A window to wine’s past

The library of rare books being assembled at Château Haut-Brion offers a glimpse into the evolution of food and wine. Felicity Carter paid a visit.

From viticulture to village

Thomas Duroux has a dream – one of a worker-friendly terroir that goes beyond the usual tenets of biodynamics and poly-agriculture. Roger Morris takes a journey with him into the trees.