Power lists

Who’s who in Bordeaux

While other regions fall in and out of favour, Bordeaux retains its allure. Sophie Kevany identifies its pivotal people.

All the wine in California

The fifth biggest economy in the world is known for its technology, movie stars and wine. Liza B. Zimmerman looks at what the locals drink.

The future of international markets

A study done by Simone Loose, Evelyn Pabst and  Gergely Szolnoki from the Department of Wine and Beverage Business Research, Geisenheim University. 

Myths about the Chinese market

MW candidate Lin Liu has listened once too often as people have traded bad information about the Chinese market. Now she wants to set the record straight.

The Dievole in the detail

The work being done at Villa Dievole in Chianti Classico shows the path to the future. Felicity Carter paid a visit.

The UK wine communicators

The demise of the wine critic has been over-reported, in the UK at least, where wine communicators are still influential. James Lawrence names the important names.

The wine bottler

Rebecca Gibb MW pays a visit to an unlikely wine powerhouse – the Lanchester Group, based in northeast England.

Spanish touchstone

Olé Imports, founded by a student with no wine experience, is changing the way American consumers approach Spain. Jeff Siegel reports.

Inside Felton Road

Jeni Port meets Nigel Greening, the ad man who turned Felton Road into one of the hottest wine properties in the cool climate area of Otago, New Zealand.

The wine party

Some wine companies are finding success by taking their wines into consumers’ homes and holding tastings. Robert Joseph reports.

The Pied Piper of Franc

Before Lodovico Antinori sold Ornellaia to Robert Mondavi in 2002, he was already well into his next big idea, Biserno. Today, Roger Morris reports, Antinori is helping make Cabernet Franc the top red grape of Maremma.

Hong Kong Power brokers

Hong Kong is not only the gateway to southeast Asia, but a significant import market in its own right. Shenée Tuck identifies the major distributors.

Who’s Who in Austria

Austria may be geographically small, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to wine. Julia Sevenich looks inside its industry.

Carbon capture man

Miguel Torres has set out to combat global warming. In October, he shared the results to date. Felicity Carter reports.

Wine on tap

What happens when a wine educator opens a bar? He introduces an entire city to new wines, as Jeff Siegel discovers.