The unstoppable rise of DtC

Direct-to-consumer sales are a significant and growing source of revenue for many US producers. Roger Morris reports.

What’s it worth?

While some in the wine trade search for rational formulae, Roger Morris reports that simple logic is often simply wrong. Price is in the mind of the buyer, not the seller.

The language of wine

Should China adopt a Western lexicon of wine, or one forged by its own people? Jeni Port looks at the thorny issue of translation.

The powerhouse of Poland

An interview with Robert Mielżyński by Robert Joseph 

Perspectives: selling wine in Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing wine markets, with sales doubling since 2010. At 6L per capita there is still ample room for further growth, too. Wojciech Bońkowski asks the experts for advice on which approaches work best with the different distribution tiers. 

Bulk Bottling

Thanks to its location and technology, Germany has become a hub for bottlers. Felicity Carter pays a visit to a filling line.

The way to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a tough market to crack, says Robert Joseph, but it’s a good place for competitive suppliers to be.

Keeping it simple

An interview with Brent Marris by Robert Joseph 

The wine co-operative

Co-operatives are the backbone of wine production in many European regions. Darren Smith explains.

Norway’s wine landscape

Norway may be a monopoly market, like its Scandinavian neighbours, but it has its own approach to wine. Liora Levi reports. 

Laser treatment

A physicist with a passion for wine is researching a way to shed light on old problems. Felicity Carter reports.