Style and Regions

The wine pitch

The digital economy has disrupted and overturned nearly everything it’s touched, as it’s connected people faster and made whole industries more efficient. Felicity Carter meets people trying to disrupt wine.

Concha y Toro’s man in China

An Interview with Cristián López by Robert Joseph

Wine and nutritional labels

After much wrangling and argument, US producers are now able to put calorie and serving size labels on their wines. Jeff Siegel looks at the issue.

A place of riches

Located at the southern end of South America, and shared by both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is the stuff of legends. Daniel López Roca reports on the Argentine wine region of the same name.

A wine country under pressure

Thanks to a neighbouring war, the wine business in Lebanon is experiencing testing times. But there is cause for optimism as well. Stephen Quinn reports from Beirut.

The Castilian Priorat

Gredos, located southwest of Madrid, has yet to be named officially, or get its own appellation. But, says Victor de la Serna, it’s already attracting attention for the quality of its wines.

Hacking into wine

Italy held its first-ever ‘wine hackathon’, which brought digital natives together to brainstorm ways to disrupt wine. But can tech heads who don’t necessarily drink wine themselves offer the industry any insights? Felicity Carter checks it out.

French with a global outlook

An Interview with Christophe Salin by Felicity Carter

Party time for Brazil

Brazil, the world’s seventh largest economy, wants to develop value added industries like wine. With the 2014 World Cup coming up, to be followed by the 2016 Olympics in Rio, this looks like the perfect opportunity for Brazil to shine. Felicity Carter reports.

The red wines of Veneto

The Italian region of Veneto has struck gold with its Prosecco, which has led to some decline in its red wine production. But, writes Veronika Crecelius, Veneto has always been a trading power and this has brought a wealth of varieties to the region, all of which have their strengths.

Preventing awkward spills

Move over screwcaps, tetra-paks and glass stoppers, there’s a new wine closure in town. It’s the wine condom, designed to stop unwanted spills and stains before they happen. Felicity Carter talks to one of the inventors.

A magical marketing potion

Move over critter wines and mommy tipples, there’s a new blockbuster in town. Larry Walker takes a look at Apothic, a red blend phenomenon that’s sweeping the US market.

In the dress circle

The Yarra Valley, in the Australian state of Victoria, has everything going for it. Verdant, rolling hills dotted with architecturally distinct wineries, along with fine wines, fine dining and proximity to the city of Melbourne, writes Felicity Carter.

An old Spanish business

An Interview with Jorge A. Grosse by Felicity Carter

Sicily’s rapid expansion

As Sicily establishes itself in the international wine trade, quality is rising, indigenous varieties are flourishing, and more people are moving in. But there are challenges to overcome, including the cost of production and logistics, says Michèle Shah.