The kegging revolution

Wine in kegs has been the hottest trend in the US recently, but the spread of ‘kegging’ in Europe has been stymied by logistical challenges. Anne Krebiehl MW reports on a Dutch solution that could be a game-changer.

Savoie faire

Once known for their basic, mostly white ‘vin de ski’ or ‘vin de raclette’, Savoie’s winemakers have spent the last decade cutting yields and boosting quality, writes Sophie Kevany. And now they have a shortage.

A treasure of the Andes

The Spanish brought wine to Bolivia in the sixteenth century. Now the Bolivians are coming together to develop an export programme. Felicity Carter took a look.

Spectacular sales growth

An Interview with Sun Jian by Robert Joseph

The European guy

Paul Molleman is European director of the California Wine Institute. Based in The Hague in the Netherlands, he opened the office 20 years ago this year. In conversation with Felicity Carter, he discusses how California’s relationship with Europe has grown and changed.

The creation of Moon Mountain

What do you do when you’re making mountain wines, but you officially belong to a valley? Create your own appellation, of course. Adam Lechmere reports on a California initiative.

Protecting the patrimony of Santorini

The largest volcanic eruption in history not only created the Greek tourist paradise of Santorini, but also a soil type that’s perfect for wine grapes. Yiannis Karakasis and Grigoris Michailos report on the tug of war over the island’s future.

The sparkling isle

Tasmania produces a mere half of one per cent of all Australian wine, yet the island state is increasingly being seen as a world-class location for sparkling wine. Dr Stephen Quinn reports.

Marlborough recovers

The ‘savalanch’ of 2008, when Marlborough produced an oversupply of Sauvignon Blanc, created fundamental changes in this premium New Zealand region. Bob Campbell MW reports on the aftermath and recovery.

Austria’s Thermenregion

Although the Romans identified it as a prime viticultural area more than 2,000 years ago, Thermenregion remains something of a secret. But, as Mathilde Hulot discovers, the need to export means it’s unlikely to remain unknown for much longer.

The wines of Marche

Marche is an ancient Italian wine region, famed for its white Verdicchio. Yet for decades it’s had a reputation as a source of cheap bulk wine. Michele Shah says as the need to export becomes more urgent, replanting and premiumisation is underway.

A riotous good time

It seems like everybody in the wine trade is trying to get closer to Millennials. Felicity Carter talks to Tyler Balliet, whose Wine Riot events have proved a hit with this group.

Canadian jewel

The Okanagan Valley, in Canada’s westernmost province of British Columbia , is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place to produce wine. Especially when the quality is so high, says David Lawrason.

The first vineyards of Austria

The Austrian wine industry has completely revolutionised itself in the past two decades. James Lawrence takes a look at the ongoing project to classify superior vineyards.

The quiet Alsatian

An Interview with Joseph Helfrich by Robert Joseph