Wine families against climate change

An interview with Katie Jackson and Miguel Torres by Felicity Carter.

Ruffino celebrates real life

Ruffino has thrown open the doors of its Poggio Casicano estate, so people can walk its vineyards and enjoy authentic Tuscan food.

Languedoc-Roussillon, the sleeping beauty

A handful of producers have struck gold in Languedoc Roussillon. But why, asks Robert Joseph, have so many others struggled?

The UK adjusts to a new reality

Richard Woodard looks at the impact that the Covid-19 restrictions have had on the wine sector.

Selling wine through Shopify

The pandemic has convinced both wine merchants and wineries to head online. James Lawrence explores an increasingly popular e-commerce tool.

European wineries consider direct-to-consumer

US wineries are adept at selling direct to consumer, but it’s a sales channel that has rarely appealed to Europeans. James Lawrence finds evidence that’s changing.

Japan’s online wine market

Famously early to adopt, the Japanese consumer is comfortable buying online. Roddy Ropner looks at how this has shaped the online wine market.

The first rung on the winemaking ladder

Roger Morris meets some cellar rats, the interns who travel the world to work vintage, the first step on their winemaking journey.

Ways around wine labelling

Barnaby Eales looks at how the front labels of some wines can suggest one origin, when the wine really comes from somewhere else.