Smaller wine bottles – their time has come

Nobody thinks it strange to see or buy caviar in a wide range of sizes. Robert Joseph wonders why, in an age of wine-in-moderation and $200 bottles of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Napa red, half bottles and single-serves are still the underclass of the wine world.

Sustainable wine tourism: the next big thing?

Environmentally viticulture and solar-powered wineries are not entirely compatible with encouraging visitors to fly and drive long distances to visit them. Roger Morris considers how the wine industry is going to square this circle.

Sparkling globally. An in depth interview with Dr Andreas Brokemper, CEO of Henkell-Freixenet

Since the turn of the century, Germany’s Henkell group has changed and grown dramatically. Following the acquisition of the Mionetto Prosecco brand, the UK-developed global i heart brand, and the purchase of 50.7% of Freixenet in Spain, turnover has broken through the €1bn barrier.

Dr Hermann Pilz, editor in chief of Weinwirtschaft and Robert Joseph, editor at large of Meininger’s Wine Business International spoke to Dr Andreas Brokemper, CEO since 2013 of the company now known as Henkell-Freixenet.

Like it or not, vineyard automation is coming

This week, the well-respected English winemaker Charles Palmer posted a video and a brief description of his experience of machine harvesting. Inevitably, not all of the reaction was positive. Robert Joseph was prompted to offer a few thoughts of his own.

Lighten Up – How to Bury the Heavy Wine Bottle

As world leaders – or most of them – gather in Glasgow for COP26, the wine industry is being encouraged to sign a petition against weighty wine bottles. While welcoming the initiative, Robert Joseph wonders if this the best way to save the planet.

How much is too much? A comparative look at recommended weekly alcohol intake across the world 

Alcohol limits vary greatly by country and by gender. David Morrison takes a fascinating look at the data.

Cheaper Champagne, pricier Pinot Grigio and maybe a battle with the EU as UK revolutionises its wine tax regime

For the first time in 140 years, the British government is changing the way it taxes alcohol. This could have an impact beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. Robert Joseph reports.

Bordeaux Blanc, making a comeback

Bordeaux once produced more white wine than red. Today, nine bottles in every 10 are red, but as Roger Morris reports, Bordeaux Blanc is riding a wave of interest.

Mixed feelings in Bordeaux

The owner of one St Emilion chateau has to pay a fine, while another does not. Robert Joseph considers this latest storm-in-a-wineglass.