Pinot Noir migrates north

Winegrowers are feeling the effects of climate change particularly keenly. In just decades – or even as soon as a few years – certain grape varieties will no longer be able to be cultivated in many regions. The heat-sensitive Pinot Noir is one of them. 
James Lawrence searches for the Pinot Noir regions of the future.

Making wine is not enough

Some wine producers resent the time and effort required to promote and sell their wine. Robert Joseph suggests that this is an attitude that will have to change.

Boomerang bottles: Are wine refillables next?

Because fewer glass containers are being recycled, entrepreneurs re-examine an old idea – reusable glass bottles – to increase wine industry sustainability. Roger Morris looks for the genie in the bottle.

The story behind: Marqués de Murrieta

How the well-known Spanish brand has developed.

Concentration in the beer market

Only ten companies account for two thirds of global beer production.

Strength in numbers

The Italian cooperatives have weathered 2020 with a total increase in turnover of one percent. However, the companies are developing very differently.

In search of truth

"Wines that tell stories" is the region's motto on the Valdepeñas website. Not all the stories currently being told contribute to the positive image of the Spanish PDO. Jürgen Mathäß reports.

Wine in German food retail

Food retail is the most important sales market for wine in Germany. An overview of how the category is currently developing.

Want to sell more wine in 2021 and 2022? Focus on online branding and sales

In a three-part series, marketing expert Toni Scott gives tips for more trading success as a guest author. Part 1 is all about online presence.