The French co-operative model

Robert Joseph looks at a giant company in a growth spurt and its very French way of doing business.

The impact of wine tourism on Germany

Professor Gergely Szolnoki and Maximilian Tafel from Hochschule Geisenheim University report on a study done to understand the importance of wine tourism in Germany.

Can Pinot Noir yields be increased?

Does quality have to suffer when you increase quantity? New Zealand Pinot Noir makers are questioning received wisdom, finds Rebecca Gibb MW.

Jedi wine training

How do you train your palate without spending a fortune on wine and travel? Felicity Carter tests the Master the World kit.

The UK market in crisis

An interview with Michael Saunders by Robert Joseph.

Inside the Japanese wine market

Carl Robinson, the CEO of Jeroboam, discusses everything from the impact of Covid on the Japanese wine market to where the next big opportunity lies. Interview by Felicity Carter.

Russia's wine renaissance

Igor Serdyuk reports on the most influential people behind the current Russian wine renaissance.

Denmark’s independent wine retailers

The pandemic has had a mixed impact on Denmark’s wine market. While some have suffered terribly, other companies have found unexpected opportunities. Elsebeth Lohfert reports.

A year of comfort wines

Jeff Siegel charts the course of the wines that did well this year in the US market and asks what was so attractive about them.