India’s ups and downs

India is a paradoxical market. On the one hand are investors planting vineyards and growing wine tourism. On the other stands a government hostile to alcohol. Subhash Arora takes a closer look at what’s happening on the ground.

Sweden’s love affair with the bag-in-box

In many markets, wines served from a box carry a stigma and are unlikely to be drunk by connoisseurs. But in Sweden, producers who choose not to take advantage of the format are missing out on sales. Erica Landin looks at the issue from all sides.

Beyond Tagus

The past 30 years have seen a wave of new investments in Alentejo in Portugal, a region that has weathered the crisis better than many. Dr Luís Antunes takes the temperature of the region and asks where it’s likely to go next.

Wines of stone

Galicia, a remote area of Spain, has traditionally offered a hard-scrabble life to those who farmed it. Today, says Adam Lechmere, the very things that made it a tough place to live have proved to be excellent for producing wine.

The dark market of Turkey

Turkey has an emerging wine industry producing wines that have already proved successful in the international arena. But domestic politics are playing havoc on the home front. Dr Caroline Gilby MW reports.

The Wine Roads of Northern Greece

Few places in the world combine wine and culture as well as the wine roads of northern Greece. Pick any road, and discover not just unique wines and indigenous grapes, but spectacular nature, historic villages, and the wonders of the ancient world.

How much is too much?

Until relatively recently, wine was assumed to be a natural, healthy product. But testing for pesticides has revealed that chemicals sprayed in the vineyard can appear in the final wine. As consumers become more savvy, says Sophie Kevany, the pressure to abandon pesticides will increase.

Pinot grigio still soaring

Pinot Grigio has a reputation problem in some circles, and has acquired the nickname ‘Cougar Cocktail’. But, finds Sophie Kevany, Pinot Grigio is continuing to grow, finding new and appreciative audiences.

A changing of the guard at Distell

South Africa’s beverages behemoth Distell has long failed to capitalise on its stellar wine assets, says Michael Fridjhon. But Richard Rushton, the new managing director, has plans for the wine division.