Is there a ‘leading indicator’ for fine wine?

Many investment classes rely on leading indicators – a measurable factor that can be used to predict economic changes. Does one exist for the fine wine market? Sophie Kevany goes searching.

Champagne 2030

As Champagne’s position comes under increasing attack from upstarts like Prosecco, the region has responded with Champagne 2030. Richard Woodard reports on the project to retain Champagne’s position as the world’s pre-eminent sparkling.

Wine as a weapon of war

When Ukraine moved closer to the EU, Russia annexed Crimea, where much Ukrainian wine was produced. This action may open doors to EU wine imports and improve local wine quality. Panos Kakaviatos explains a complex situation.

The wine buyers of South Korea

The South Korean market is undergoing an upswing at present, says Jung Yong Cho. But market consolidation means fewer opportunities to get into the market through an importer, as the big companies are sourcing directly.

The wine buyers of Hong Kong

Once seen as a showcase for customers from mainland China, Hong Kong has become a thriving and lucrative wine market in its own right, offering a dazzling array of tax-free wines to consumers. Annabel Jackson reports.

Amazon cometh

Column - Robert Joseph 

Overflow solutions

What does a winemaker do when there’s too much wine sloshing around in the tanks and no buyers on the horizon? In the New World, the answer may be to offer the consumer an amazing bargain. Robert Joseph looks at how they do it in South Africa.

The wine buyers of Southeast Asia

One of the most dynamic regions in the world is Southeast Asia. Our team of local writers look at who the power players are in the major markets. Here, Jim Boyce kicks off the series with a look at the buyers of Beijing.

India’s ups and downs

India is a paradoxical market. On the one hand are investors planting vineyards and growing wine tourism. On the other stands a government hostile to alcohol. Subhash Arora takes a closer look at what’s happening on the ground.