Wine companies eye cannabis

Canada’s recent legalisation of cannabis is opening up new possibilities for the wine trade. Jamie Goode reports.

The new wine economy model

Column - Robert Joseph

Marlborough’s seasonal workers

Vineyards worldwide are suffering from labour shortages. Rebecca Gibb MW looks at how one region is tackling the problem.

A year without a vintage

Severe weather events linked to climate change are reminding producers that farming is not for the faint of heart. Roger Morris reports.

The Austrian First Growth project

A group of wineries in Austria has got together to develop their own classification system. Their first problem – what criteria should they use? Felicity Carter reports on where they’re up to.

Wine heads north

Climate change may be damaging southern regions, but it’s opening up northern ones. Elsebeth Lohfert gets on the bus of a very cool climate symposium.

The rise of private label

As retailers discover they earn better margins by filling bottles under their own brand names, private label is set to rise. Hans Kraak reports.