Style and Regions

After the storms – do organic rules need to be rethought?

Robert Joseph questions whether a changing climate is going to force the organic wine movement to relax some of its regulations.

Chateaux Ausone and Cheval Blanc are no longer to be part of the St Emilion Cru Classé system

Does it matter? Robert Joseph has a few thoughts on the matter 

Australian wine brand changes nationality

Shipments of Rawson’s Retreat to China will now be South African, as Robert Joseph reports.

The Russian Champagne debacle

The wine world has been in turmoil since last week: Russia has passed a law that requires new certifications of imported Champagne. Reactions from the industry followed promptly. What exactly is behind the new law and what consequences does it have for the wine industry?

Sergey Panov has compiled the most important information.


Brand first, appellation second

Russia's President Putin recently demonstrated to the wine world once again how quickly a supposedly secure sales market can become a sales trap.

Robert Joseph draws two lessons from this.

More alcohol

The world's red wines have become increasingly alcoholic over the decades. While the extent differs from region to region, the general trend is upwards. An overview of the top red wine origins.

Bordeaux becomes largely more expensive

More and more Bordeaux châteaux are announcing their en primeur prices for the new vintage.

Expensive world trade

Container shipping and logistics heavily affected by Corona.

The year of no- and low-alcohol wine?

While still lagging behind the more successful beer and spirits categories, global demand for no- and low-alcohol wine is on the rise. As the EU readies to reform de-alcoholised wine production, the European wine industry takes stock of future opportunities for the no- and low-alcohol wine category. Jacopo Mazzeo reports.

The new virtual tool: Online wine tastings worldwide

Not all online tasting is the same. From the motives to the technical implementation, there are major differences internationally, as Geisenheim University recently analyzed.

A study by Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki, Dr. Maximilian Tafel, Marvin Blaß, Hochschule Geisenheim University, and Niklas Ridoff, Calle Nilsson,

Valpolicella market analysis presented at Annual Conference

The "Valpolicella Annual Conference" was held digitally  and was a complete success. The export business remained stable, but the domestic market dropped. Veronika Crecelius reports.

Online wine tastings as company events

Casual social interactions with coworkers are important to a company's synergy and team building. The pandemic has changed these routines. Online wine tastings became popular as an alternative to in-person gatherings.

Dr. Sophie Ghvanidze and the International Wine Business students at Hochschule Geisenheim University conducted a study to find out how companies and their employees experienced online wine tastings as team building events and whether online tastings are likely to stick around after the pandemic ends.

How 2020 changed our wine social life

It was a dreadful year for the international wine trade and yet, says Robert Joseph, it glimmered with one silver lining.

What the book trade can teach wine

The book trade has had a difficult time in the pandemic, but some of their solutions may be applicable to wine, says Robert Joseph.

Is Burgundy hot or not?

This weekend’s Hospices de Beaune auction saw buying records smashed, and a result that was the second best in the event’s history. But, elsewhere, the price of Burgundy is falling. What’s going on? Felicity Carter takes a look.