Wines they are a changin’

There’s something I guess one could call the Bob Dylan instant. The moment at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival that shocked and outraged fans...

Column - Robert Joseph 

The South trades up

Co-ops moving into brands, producers opening their doors to wine tourists. Felicity Carter finds the southern end of the Rhône is buzzing.

A crisis transforms the Southern Rhône

Falling sales. Vines uprooted. Growers leaving their land. Felicity Carter finds out how one French region rejuvenated itself.

The Port turnaround

Premium Port sales are rising in the US market, says Jim Clarke. He goes hunting for the reason why.

Towards a new prosecco

While consumers may know Prosecco as an off-dry, fruity fizz, new styles are emerging. Giles Fallowfield took a look.

EU initiatives on climate change

Wine communities across Europe are already feeling the impact of climate change. Sophie Kevany looks at the EU’s response.

Constellation moves on up

Constellation, the world’s second-largest wine company, is selling its lower-level wines and investing in cannabis. But will anybody buy the lower-tier brands? Jeff Siegel reports.

Slovakia’s quality promise

Bold winemaking, unusual varietals and a flair for natural wines are putting Slovakia on the winemaking map. Darren Smith reports.

The new Greek generation

As Greece begins to emerge from its long financial crisis, Gregory Michailos looks at how the country’s wine industry has survived.

Is the wine industry headed for tough times?

Young people are drinking less. Wine companies are turning to cannabis. Climate change is coming. Felicity Carter and Robert Joseph debate whether the wine world is heading for trouble.

Rioja’s classification conundrum

Like many regions, Rioja has developed a new classification framework. James Lawrence evaluates its chances of success.

Moldovan value

Poor harvests elsewhere in Europe have opened doors for Moldovan wines, as Caroline Gilby MW explains.