Style and Regions

Clean wine - unlikely to be washed away anytime soon

The 'Clean Wine' phenomenon is now well established in the US. Will it survive?

Rosé - still growing

Pink wine has become part of the mainstream, and will remain there

Celebrity wine

The announcement of 19 Crimes partnership with Martha Stewart, is bound to fuel discussion of this form of marketing

Are the days of cheap shipping over?

The cost of transporting products across the world rose tenfold during the pandemic. They have fallen since then, but remain higher than in 2019. What are the prospects for the future?

Wine fights to maintain its 'share of throat'

The line between wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and alternatives is becoming increasingly blurred - as Coca Cola and Constellation are demonstrating. Robert Joseph has his own opinion on the subject.

What fresh hell is this? Wine that tastes of cookies?

Robert Joseph shares his thoughts on the coming together in a bottle of the world's biggest wine and cookie brands.

Good behaviour – how companies treat their employees matters as much as how they treat their vines

While environmental concerns are getting greater attention, as Jacopo Mazzeo reveals, modern consumers increasingly care about how companies behave.

Fighting climate change: is planting trees the answer?

Wine business are increasingly looking for ways to help save the planet. Robert Joseph considers how trees fit into this picture

The impatient, disloyal customer

A study shows that customers tend to switch brands quickly once they were unable to purchase a product. What does this mean for the wine industry? Robert Joseph shares his thoughts.

UK wine drinkers face a different kind of Christmas 

Pandemic-linked supply chain issues affect most business across the globe, but Brexit has increased challenges for wine distributors and consumers in the UK. 

Fine wine is increasingly the preserve of the wealthy. Who cares?

The world’s best wines have become increasingly unaffordable for any but the one-percenters. Robert Joseph asks whether this matters. And if it does, is there a solution?

Turning Point for US Sommeliers?

Six of its leading members have been expelled from the Court of Master Sommeliers for sexual misconduct. Does this mark the end of a chapter? Or the beginning of the end for the Court? Robert Joseph reports.

Male, Female or Nonbinary? Who's gendering wine?

Can or should a wine be 'masculine' or 'feminine' or even 'non binary'? Robert Joseph steps into the minefield of wine descriptors and categories.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco and Pinot Grigio: all in short supply

Leading brokers, Ciatti, report some specific shortages following the small 2021 European crop, and the direct impact of supply-chain issues on the forthcoming harvest in Chile.

"The quality of the bulk wines on offer has grown"

On November 22nd and 23rd, the World Bulk Wine exhibition, the world's largest bulk wine event, will take place in Amsterdam. Meininger's talked to the exhibition's CEO Otilia Romero de Condés about what she expects of this year's fair and how the bulk wine market has developped.