Natural Wine: Entering the French Mainstream?

Natural wine remains a niche but, as Magalie Dubois reveals, it is steadily building a following in France.

Reading time: 9m 45s

Will Climate Change Make Wine Healthier - or Less Healthy?

Becca Yeamans-Irwin takes a scientific look at the credibility of health claims that are made about wine, and the possible impact of a changing climate.

Reading time: 5m 30s

Italy: Grim Perspectives for 2023

Declining sales and low profitability loom on the horizon. The wine industry must prepare for a difficult year.

Reading time: 1m 15s

Record Prices for 2022 Burgundy at Hospices de Beaune Auction

The 162nd Hospices de Beaune charity wine auction in Burgundy enjoyed a record-breaking sale.

Reading time: 1m 15s

The Robert Nicholson Interview: US Investment in Bordeaux. More to Come?

Robert Nicholson, principal of International Wine Associates, advises on merger & acquisition in the wine industry. Most recently, he was involved in the purchase of Château Lascombes by the Lawrence Family. In this exclusive interview Nicholson frankly considers the likelihood of other US buyers buying French wine businesses.

Reading time: 7m 45s

France Loses the Creator of Vin de France - and a Formidable Blogeur

In 2001, Jacques Berthomeau who died this month, shocked the French wine establishment by recommending the creation of a new classification called Vin de France that would enable producers to compete with varietal wines from the New World. Eight years later, his idea became reality. Today, it is a huge success - both for those exports, and - perhaps surprisingly for him - for many of the natural wine producers Berthomeau later wrote about in his blog.

Reading time: 5m 30s

The Romance and Sparkle of Austrian Sekt

The story of Austrian sparkling wine begins with a great love affair between a Champagne cellar master and a young Viennese woman. It has continued with many innovations over the years. Today, Sekt Austria (PDO) belongs among the exciting high-quality trends that will be sparkling in wine glasses this holiday season.

2022 Vintage Preview in Austria

Apart from late harvest and sweet wine specialties, the Austrian grape harvest is near completion. Austrian winegrowers faced challenges in terms of climate and production costs in the year 2022. The course of the weather required attentive care, but the resulting quality looks very good, and particularly good for red wines. The strong demand for Austrian wine at home and abroad should help absorb increased costs for energy and packaging materials.

Which Wineries Made It Into the Meininger’s Top 100?

The sixth edition of Meininger's Finest 100 drew 100 of the world's best wine producers with their top-class wines to Neustadt/Weinstrasse in Germany.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Trend Awareness

When does a trend emerge - and when is it conjured up? How often have we marveled at the emperor's new clothes in recent years and ultimately discovered that they are just old rags after all? A commentary by Alexandra Wrann, Editor-in-Chief of our sister publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT.

Reading time: 2m 30s

The Quality-Driven Basque Separatists of Rioja

The dispute over the Basque part of Rioja, the "Rioja Alavesa", continues following the Basque regional government approval of the DO "Arabako Mahastiak - Viñedos de Álava". The Basques have a strong argument: higher quality standards.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Do Agglomerate Corks Make Wines Astringent?

Meininger's publishes academic papers in the interest of sharing knowledge within the industry and sparking debate. We welcome responses and submissions.

Reading time: 6m